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Ships Spring 2014

The first batch of our smart controllers will ship to early supporters in spring of 2014, just in time to kick off the landscaping season.

Install and Connect

Replace your old controller with ours and then connect it to your WiFi using the Rachio smartphone app.

Automate or Control

Rachio has auto-scheduling, weather intelligence and analytics built in, so your controller runs itself, but feel free to take control of it at anytime, from anywhere.

Enjoy your yard.

Automate when life demands it.

Keeping your yard beautiful shouldn't be a headache. Your home should be a place of enjoyment and relaxation for friends and family. Your life can be very demanding of your time and the last thing you should be stressing about is your yard’s health.

Our smart sprinkler controller, Iro, can maintain your watering schedule for you when you simply don’t have the time. It will automatically adjust for changes in weather and seasonality, using as little water as possible while keeping your landscape looking its best.

Have a minute to relax? Take over when ready.

The majority of the time you want your home systems to operate silently and efficiently in the background, taking care of your household while you live your daily life. There are times though when you want to engage with your home and land in fun and inspiring ways.

Our smartphone app puts the power of your sprinkler system in the palm of your hand. We’ll let you know what’s going on with your system and you can adjust it from there as you see fit.

Pre-order now starting at $249.

Limited Quantities for May Shipment.

Pre-order your Iro for May 2014

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  • Nozzle
  • Valve
  • Controller
  • Water
  • Spray Nozzles

    Rotary nozzle

    Rotor head

    Fixed spray head

    Manual sprinkler

    The last point of efficiency.

    The spray nozzle is the last point for additional efficiency in your sprinkler system. There are a few different nozzle types that you can easily fit most popup spray heads with. The rotary nozzle is considered one of the most efficient. It reduces runoff, increases coverage and uses considerably less water per minute.

    Did you know that because of the way these newer nozzles distribute water, they allow for longer run times? And, that switching to these nozzles and not adjusting your sprinkler system accordingly can be harmful? Our smart controller allows you to easily adjust your schedule based on the different nozzle types out there.

  • Solenoid Valve

    Good at their jobs, but need a manager.

    The solenoid valve is operated by the sprinkler controller. The controller sends a low voltage electrical current to the valve, opening it, which allows water to flow to the zone associated with the valve. You’ll typically have one valve for each zone.

    They’re safe, reliable and have a long service life. They do their job extremely well, but they need something intelligent controlling them to be truly efficient. They need smarter sprinkler controllers coordinating their every switch on and off.

  • Sprinkler Controller

    It needs to know about its environment.

    The sprinkler controller is the brain of the system. It controls the flow of water through your sprinklers by opening and closing valves that allow water to travel to the spray heads. There are many variables that need to be considered when the controller is deciding when and how much water to let flow. Unfortunately, most of them don’t know anything about these outside factors.

    So we made a controller that does. Our smart controller knows about weather and seasonality, and adjusts accordingly. It also learns from you as you teach it about unique characteristics in your yard and continues to tweak your schedule as it gets smarter.

  • Backflow Preventer

    Prevention needs to go both ways.

    The backflow preventer keeps non-potable water from flowing back into the home and is a standard component of most residential sprinkler systems. It serves as one of the many points of shut off for your system and is also an integral part of sprinkler system maintenance.

    What it doesn’t do is automatically prevent water from leaving your sprinkler system. That’s the controller’s job. And right now, current controllers are allowing water to flow in the billions of gallons a day right here in the US and the EPA estimates that roughly 50% of those billions of gallons are being wasted. It’s time for something better.

    We use 7.8 billon gallons a day, outdoors, in the US. As much as 50% of that is wasted.

This knows nothing about your yard or weather.

It's controlling one of our most scarce resources and has no idea what's happening in the environment around it.

Completely in the dark.

Outside of being confusing and a headache to deal with, the typical household timers have no way to take in information that is critical to using water efficiently. According to the EPA, these types of timers are in over 90% of our homes with sprinkler systems here in the US.

We’re taking notice.

People are seeing sprinklers running in the rain and out of season and want a change. Cities and states across the US are creating water conservation and rebate plans to replace these outdated timers. Find out if your city is offering rebates for new smart irrigation controllers today.

Your sprinkler system, connected and intelligent.

Simply remove your existing sprinkler controller and replace it with ours. It will connect through your WiFi and create your first schedule based on your location.


Remove existing controller.

Simply unplug your old controller, detach the low voltage zone wires and remove it from the wall.


Install Iro.

Attach the Iro smart controller to your wall, reattach the low voltage zone wires and plug it in.


Connect to WiFi.

You’ll be prompted to sync your Iro through the Rachio smartphone app. Hold your smartphone up to the Iro and it will connect to your WiFi and download a schedule custom to your location.

Always connected to Rachio.

Once connected to Rachio, your Iro can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet.

Take Control

Your Iro is always connected to the Rachio platform through your home WiFi. You can take control of your home sprinkler system from your smartphone or tablet and you can do it from anywhere. Our laptop version will be ready for you before your Iro ships.

Always Updated and Always Learning

We're constantly updating your Iro as we learn about the latest and greatest ways to save you water and money, all while keeping your landscape beautiful and enjoyable.

Full support for iPhone and Android devices.

Not your typical sprinkler controller.

Your yard is your home and we want you to enjoy it with as little effort as possible. We also want to help you save water and money.

Auto Scheduling

Rachio sets a schedule for you the second you connect the Iro. It customizes the schedule based on your location, taking into account regional characteristics and possible restrictions.

Quick Conserve

Up to 50% of residential irrigation water is wasted. Quick Conserver instantly helps you save water and money on your next statement.

Operate from Anywhere

Whether you’re out testing sprinkler heads in your yard or vacationing in the mountains, Rachio lets you control your sprinkler system from anywhere.

Weather Intelligence

Weather can be unpredictable. Rachio has your back and adjusts the Iro accordingly so that your system is optimzed around rain, wind, and humidity.


Soils vary by region and require different watering patterns. Smart-Cycle schedules best practice watering cycles for your unique location.

Analytics and Reports

See how much water you saved month-to-month with personalized water reports. Track your usage and become an eco-hero.

Get your current weather.

Find out if we have weather coverage at your home.

Locate Me

Make sure you have location services turned on in your browser. If you're having problems getting your local weather, or you believe it is inaccurate, let us know at

Pre-order now for spring.

We'll be shipping our first batch early this spring.

Pre-orders starting at $249.

Limited Quantities for May Shipment.

Pre-order your Iro for May 2014